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Wine cellar Malá Morava

The Malá Morava wine cellar is the right place for all wine lovers. Come and taste dozens of excellent wines from throughout the Southern Moravia region and Domousnice vineyards. You can taste white, red and rosé wines. Tasting the drink of truth can be made even more pleasant by a professional commentary from a sommelier along side traditional Moravian folk songs. The staff wear genuine period folk costumes which adds to the winery atmosphere.

The wine cellar will also certainly attract you with the aroma of fresh smoked meat and savoury sausages from the smoke room that sits over the cellar. Indulge in wine tasting with refreshments or just simply relax with a jug and glass. The choice is up to you, the only condition is good mood!

Growing grapevines and musk processing at the Dětenice estate dates back to the ancient Roman times. In particular, the Aurelius variety with its typical root bouquet and gold-coloured grapes became an excellent base for producing the famous brandy of the past which was always distilled at the Dětenice estate in the autumn.

In vino veritas- come and seek it in the Malá Morava wine cellar!

In the winter time we accept reservations for 5 or more people.

Let the wine flow … To your health!